The Internet of Things – Paperback Out Now!


In the modern world, everything is connected. We all hide behind screens. So, how do we know who we really are?

Tech firm EBM have invented and mass-produced the eMotion microchip, a device that evolves The Internet of Things by allowing machines to think and feel emotions through artificial intelligence.

Everything works exactly as intended but the omnipresent chip awakens dormant instincts in connected devices; a lift feels a strange desire to weave webs, a fleet of construction vehicles suddenly yearn to find a new waterhole, a blender kills a cat in a skip.

In Bristol, England, Bruce von Toose, a streetwise private detective with a state-of-the-art cybernetic arm is tasked with finding missing UK grime scene superstar Mastah Blastah. As he follows the trail of evidence, he is left with more questions than answers and blood on his hands.

Bruce begins to question everything as the world falls apart around him. Why can’t he remember where he lives, or who his client is? How has his prosthetic arm grown so powerful? Who is the mysterious John Johnson? One thing is for sure; in this new normal, nothing will ever be the same again…

A man with a prosthetic arm flicks a cigarette into the street on the cover of the novel The Internet of Things by David R J Sealey